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Certified organic rosehip oil. It's the inspiration for our powerfully natural skincare. It's our beginning. trilogy is world's first rosehip oil range

Simple. Pure. Vital. trilogy's three little words are the heart, the foundation, and the core of everything they do.

Skincare doesn't need to be complicated. trilogy products are created from simple and unique blends of the purest natural plant oils and botanical extracts working in perfect harmony to restore and maintain the natural vitality and radiance of skin.

Every face tells a story. Everyone's journey is unique. It's where our beauty comes from. Not promising perfection, simply that Trilogy skincare will help you achieve your best, most radiant complexion. Naturally.

You're unwilling to compromise the beauty and health of your complexion and hair for any reason. Still, you're longing to take a more natural approach to daily skincare by reducing the number of man-made ingredients that you allow to come in contact with your skin, strands and scalp. Is it possible to go natural with your beauty regimen and still keep your complexion looking youthful and radiant and your hair silky and easy to manage? With Trilogy skincare and hair care products, it finally is.

Trilogy is a line of skincare and hair care products that offer the ideal combination of natural ingredients and highly effective formulations. The brand is the first New Zealand-based beauty company to earn the prestigious NATRUE Natural Cosmetics Certification. With their certification, you can be certain that Trilogy products are completely free of synthetic perfumes and dyes, genetically-modified ingredients, petroleum derivatives, silicone oils and irradiated ingredients. Choosing Trilogy skincare and hair care formulas means selecting products that are gentle to your skin, friendly to the planet and as natural as can be.

Although the Trilogy collection includes a wide range of formulas for the complexion, body skin and hair, a single natural ingredient is at the heart of the entire line of beauty products. That ingredient is rosehip oil, which has been used to promote youthful, healthy skin and strong, manageable hair for centuries. Rich in omega-fatty acids and an array of vitamins and minerals, rosehip oil is capable of effectively addressing multiple skin imperfections and hair care concerns. Many of the Trilogy products use rosehip oil as a key ingredient, and the variety developed by the brand carries BioGro Organic Certification, so you can be certain that it is as pure as possible.

The Trilogy skincare collection offers cleansers, toners and moisturisers to form the primary steps of your daily regimen and then add serums, exfoliators, eye products and lip formulas to address your biggest dermatological concerns. Formulas are offered to help care for the body skin from head to toe and for common trouble zones like the skin of the hands. Nourishing natural shampoos and conditioners are available from the Trilogy hair care range to keep your tresses in the best of health.

With Trilogy products, you don't have to sacrifice a thing to make your regimen as natural as possible. Explore the collection now and begin on the path to greener beauty.

Giving back

Supporting and being involved in our local communities and causes we believe in is an important part of Trilogy’s culture. Whether it’s a charity, community event, play group or school activity, we like to help wherever we can.

Like you, we’re passionate about the environment, mad about animals and we like to do as much as we can in areas of humanitarian need. We’re proud to support many not-for-profit organisations across the globe. We're long-time supporters of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation and we’ve donated over NZ$53,000 to help preserve orangutan habitats.

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