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Skin can become dry and parched for many different reasons. If you are outdoors, the sun and wind may strip vital moisture from the surface of the skin. While indoors, your skin is subjected to air conditioning or heated air that can cause moisture to evaporate, leaving skin feeling dry and tight. Even the natural ageing process can contribute to skin losing essential hydration. The Lanolips range helps you replace the moisture that your skin loses every day. With regular use, these rich emollients will help your skin feel soft, supple and supremely comfortable.

The key ingredient in this luxurious range is ultra-pure, medical-grade lanolin, which closely matches the natural oil found in the stratum corneum. The protective outer layer of skin shields us from the elements and combats environmental aggressors. Lanolin provides hydration to parched tissue by acting as a reservoir that can feed moisture to the skin all day long. Lanolin has been proven to hold up to 200% of its own weight in water. Lanolin also forms a barrier that locks in moisture and protects the skin, imitating and enhancing the action of the lipids that naturally care for the skin. 

While living and working on her family’s sheep farm in South Australia, Lanolips founder Kirsten Carriol became familiar with the hydrating properties of lanolin, which is derived from the freshly shorn wool of sheep. Lanolin helps to keep wool moist and supple, shielding the sheep from the elements. The extraction of lanolin happens after the wool is sheared from the sheep, ensuring that the process does not hurt the animal in any way. 

Kirsten’s passion for natural skin care inspired her to develop a luscious lip ointment that soothed, hydrated and nourished dry, parched lips. The range was then extended by incorporating pure pigments, allowing women to add a splash of colour. Whether you prefer a completely natural, nude look for your lips or want to enhance them with a coloured tint, Lanolips has a shade that will bring out your natural beauty while nurturing and nourishing the delicate lip area. 

Originally formulated to hydrate the lips, the Lanolips range has been extended to offer hydrating solutions for the hands, nails and body. From ointments to body oils, rich creams to nourishing balms, the Lanolips range is made with only the purest natural ingredients. You can be confident that there are no artificial colourings, additives or synthetic fragrances added to these luscious, hypoallergenic products.

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