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philosophy is dedicated to bringing you remarkable products that inspire you to live a better life by being better to yourself. Their products are formulated with scientifically-proven, medically-accepted ingredients that are effective, yet gentle. What they put in their bottles and jars brings better skin and what’s written on their packaging will inspire better days. Their award-winning skin care, clean fragrances and indulgent bath and body products are designed to help you feel and look your best.

In 1996 a new skincare collection arrived in luxury department stores featuring packaging and formulas unlike any that had ever been made before. That collection was the first line of philosophy products and marked the start of a brand that would go on to win countless awards and truly change the way people care for their skin.

The philosophy collection was created by Christina Carlino, a skincare expert who had previously created an effective-line of professional-strength products for dermatologists to sell to their patients. Carlino realised that there was a major void in the skincare industry. She saw that there were only two types of skincare products on the market: basic products sold in drugstores that featured pleasing fragrances and packaging but didn't deliver results and professional products from dermatologists that seemed more like medicine than beauty products. The philosophy skincare range was created to offer a third type of skincare collection with products that were fun to use, pleasing to the senses and every bit as effective as professional formulas.

All of the products in the philosophy skincare range are rigorously tested by scientists and skin care experts before they reach the shelves. The brand only features ingredients that have been established as beneficial for the complexion and that deliver results without compromising the safety of the skin. The brand offers daily skincare products for every step of a healthy regimen. Cleansers remove dirt and debris without stripping away vital nutrients. Moisturisers provide precisely enough hydration to meet the needs of all skin types. Treatments tackle skin imperfections to beautify the complexion and improve overall skin health, and anti-ageing products diminish visible signs of ageing whilst helping to protect the skin from the damage that can lead to future wrinkles.

In addition to products for the complexion, the philosophy collection features formulas that go beyond caring for the face. Bath and shower products are available to cleanse the hair and body while treating you to remarkable scents that makes your bathing routine incredibly luxurious. The range also includes a number of highly acclaimed fragrance products with perfumes that provide fresh, unique scents that are ideal for everyday use.

The mission of philosophy is to make a daily beauty routine an uplifting, positive experience. Each product has specially designed packaging that provides a message that will touch your heart and boost your spirits, and the formulas found inside the bottles and jars will help you treat your skin to the very best care.

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