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Dr Hauschka

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Natural and Organic Skincare since 1967.

Ingredients from nature, selected medicinal herbs, our very own treatment concept and a core idea that shapes our approach to skin care.

By addressing the skin as a holistic organ and stimulating its natural functions, Dr Hauschka products encourage the skin to exert its own powers of regeneration. Your skin inherently knows what to do to look after and renew itself.

Our products do not take over these tasks, they support your skin to be in balance with its own natural processes. Preparations support and activate the skin's natural functions, strengthening the skin and enabling it to heal itself.

Natural skincare may seem like a new trend, but botanicals actually were mankind's first beauty products. Even commercially prepared natural skincare formulas are not something new; some brands have been developing products with high quality natural ingredients for decades. Dr Hauschka is one such brand and has earned a stellar reputation for offering naturally derived skincare products that are luxurious to use and every bit as effective as conventional formulas. If you're hoping to create a greener daily regimen to care for your facial and body skin, Dr Hauschka products are the perfect solutions to choose.

A Pioneer in Natural Skincare

Doctor Rudolf Hauschka became known throughout the world during the early 20th century for treating medical conditions with natural plants rather than medications. Many of his natural remedies were for dermatological conditions, and by the 1960s, he realised that there was a true need for skincare products made from the medicinal herbs he used to treat patients' skin. With the help of a highly renowned aesthetician, he created the Dr Hauschka skincare collection and unveiled it to the world in 1967. Today, the experts at Dr Hauschka continue the brand's tradition of producing therapeutic products that deliver results with natural ingredients instead of synthetic chemicals.

Derived from the Finest Ingredients

The philosophy at Dr Hauschka is that skin has the ability to renew and repair itself when given the right nutrients and support. Each product offered by the brand contains a unique blend of herbal ingredients that supply the skin with the raw materials needed to promote recovery and improve the texture and appearance of the tissue. In order to ensure that the formulas are as effective as possible, the experts at Dr Hauschka hand select botanical ingredients grown in the brand's own biodynamic garden and on small organic farms. By being highly selective when sourcing ingredients, Dr Hauschka is able to offer natural skincare products of unparalleled quality and purity.

Create Your Complete Natural Regimen

In this selection of Dr Hauschka products, you'll find everything that is required to create a complete natural skincare regimen. From cleansers and toners to treatments and moisturisers to products for the hands, feet and body, the products make it possible to put together a daily routine that is free of harsh ingredients and rich in vital nutrients derived from the finest botanicals. Explore the Dr Hauschka range now and discover the best options for your skin's needs.

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