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At Theorie, we’re both curious and creative. Intuitive and inspired. Critically-acclaimed and avant-garde. It’s the delicate balance of these attributes that shape our bold, modern approach to crafting premiere products that create better hair.

We questioned, conceptualised and constructed our way to salon industry prominence. Since the very beginning, it’s been about developing preeminent technology to design tools and products that could out-curl, out-straighten, out-dry and out-style all others. By partnering with stylists, employing true visionaries and keeping an ever-watchful eye on trends, we’ve created a prestigious line of curling irons, flat irons, hair dryers and styling products that continue to go unmatched in the industry.

When you're struggling to improve the health of your hair or solve a styling problem, finding the products to help you accomplish your goals can be surprisingly challenging. As you begin to compare the shampoos, conditioners and treatments available for your hair type, you quickly find that so many of the formulas on the market are carbon copies of each other. After seeing product after product with the same basic ingredients and only different names on the labels, you may be tempted to give up hope of ever finding the solution to your hair care woes. But there's hope! THEORIE hair care products are made to be unlike anything you've experienced before and are the breakthroughs in beauty science that you've been looking for.

THEORIE was founded by leading hair care experts who, like you, were frustrated with all of the sameness that they saw in the industry. The formulators at the brand were determined from the start to introduce brand new solutions for common hair care concerns that would produce real results for those who used them. By dedicating themselves to scientific research and keeping an eye on the trends in styling, THEORIE has created a complete range of hair care products that really work and that can deliver results that you never dreamed were possible.

The innovative formulas made by THEORIE have taken the hair care world by storm. From top reviews in major publications to the endorsement of leading hairstylists, the amount of accolades that the brand has accumulated over the years is truly impressive. Today, THEORIE hair care products are used by salons across Australia and throughout the rest of the world. Because so many stylists trust THEORIE products to help them give the best possible services to their clients, you can truly trust them to help you get straight-from-the-salon styles at home.

THEORIE offers an assortment of scientifically advanced solutions that can bring a whole new level of effectiveness to your everyday hair care routine. Start your regimen with a THEORIE shampoo to purify and cleanse every strand from root to tip while treating your tresses to ingredients that address common styling concerns like dryness and styling damage. Follow the shampoo with THEORIE conditioner meant to complement its actions for a healthy dose of moisture and nutrients optimised for your hair's unique needs. Add THEORIE treatments to your regimen and benefit from the latest scientific breakthroughs in hair care therapy to make big strides toward overcoming your styling concerns once and for all.

Explore the selection of THEORIE products now and discover the benefits of hair care formulas that are truly different from anything you've tried before.

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