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ANTIPODES always favours the use of raw ingredients that are cultivated sustainably on certified organic orchards.
What are the criteria for a fully certified organic product?

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • 70 to 95% of these natural ingredients must be certified organic
  • Strict international criteria govern all of the remaining ingredients.

ANTIPODES products are certified organic by the independent government body AsureQuality Ltd, the leading provider of food safety and biosecurity services in the southern hemisphere. It upholds the strictest worldwide organic standards.

Ethos: Green Beauty. 

Love Nature. Those two words guide us in everything we do. constantly inspired by the natural beauty of our homeland New Zealand: an exotic, fresh and new world Antipodean nation.

ANTIPODES believe we’ve found the answer to anti-ageing in New Zealand nature. We carefully select bioactive extracts from sustainably cultivated native plants to create skincare products that are scientifically and clinically shown to help promote youthful skin. And we assiduously avoid synthetic preservatives, going to considerable trouble to use natural preservative compounds instead, which are both better for you and better for the environment.

ANTIPODES packaging features fully recyclable bottles and aluminum tubes, and 100% biodegradable card from sustainable forests.

What's in your skincare products? The answer to the question shouldn't be difficult to discover, but often, skincare products are all too mysterious. When you examine their ingredients, you see long scientific words that you can barely pronounce, let alone identify. So how can you be sure whether you're seeing the name of a chemical, a plant or who knows what else? You deserve to know what you're using on your complexion, and shouldn't have to spend hours looking up ingredients before you buy. Fortunately, it is possible to create a regimen filled with familiar ingredients that are naturally derived when you choose products from the ANTIPODES skincare collection.

The ANTIPODES skincare collection was developed specifically for individuals who wish to use fewer synthetic ingredients on a daily basis. Founder Elizabeth Barbalich, a native of New Zealand, was inspired to found ANTIPODES after she became frustrated with the mysterious content of conventional skincare formulas. Her vision was to create a brand that could be trusted for the purity of its formulas. That's why all ANTIPODES are guaranteed to be as natural as possible with many formulas containing 100 per cent natural ingredients. All formulas are made from the finest ingredients found in New Zealand and throughout the rest of the world, and the brand uses certified organic plant extracts whenever possible to eliminate even trace amounts of synthetic residues.

At ANTIPODES, the effectiveness and safety of products are every bit as important as their purity. Every product goes through rigorous scientific testing to ensure that it lives up to its promises and provides real benefits for the complexion. To guarantee safety, dermatologists evaluate all ANTIPODES products with studies that include everyday women with sensitive skin. Only products that can produce results without unwanted irritation are deemed worthy of bearing the ANTIPODES name, so you can be confident that you'll get what's best for your skin with no side effects.

With the diverse range of products in the ANTIPODES collection, you can create a completely natural daily regimen. Start with cleansers to purify and then tone and exfoliate with a gentle touch. Address skin imperfections with serums and finish with a moisturiser to keep your complexion soft and supple. You can simplify shopping by selecting ANTIPODES kits and even find natural solutions to protect and nourish the skin on your hands and the rest of your body in the collection. Shop the ANTIPODES range now and discover the products that will give you beautiful results with plenty of peace of mind about what you're using on your skin.

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