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Silver Bullet

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Professional hair dryers offer faster styling and that’s exactly what you get with the Silver Bullet Black Velvet Hairdryer. At a super hot 2000 watts, this powerful dryer delivers results as sleek and luxurious as black velvet. Superb balance and chic aesthetics make this your best hair dryer yet! Silver Bullet was made to give you salon quality, speed and style in the comfort of your own home. Now its easy to get that salon look all day, every day.

Many styles can be achieved using a blow dryer and a brush, but you may also find that a hot brush or comb makes it easier to dry and brush using one hand. Hot brushes and flat irons are effective in making curly hair smooth and straight. Curling irons and rollers come in varying sizes, with larger sizes best for smoothing and straightening and smaller ones better for creating tighter curls.

Try the Silver Bullet Keratin 230c Wide Plate Straightener. With 25mm ceramic/tourmaline plate surfaces, it distributes heat quickly & evenly. A Floating plate hair styler design glides through hair like silk and Automatic cut out means it'll never be too hot. SKincareStore's Silver Bullet Includes: a heat mat, crocodile clips, styling comb and paddle brush.

Or why not take the time to try their Super POD Kit - It’s never been faster and easier to heat rollers and clips. Simply pop a hot roller and clip together into the Silver Bullet Super Pod and they will be heated in seconds thanks to the innovative induction heating system. The rollers are cool to the touch- no more burnt fingers! Create beautiful shine, volume and body.

The Silver Bullet Super Pod Hot Roller Kit contains everything you need to get started.


  • 1 x Silver Bullet Super Pod Heater.
  • 4 x Silver Bullet Super Pod Medium 36mm Thermal Rollers.
  • 4 x Silver Bullet Super Pod Large 42mm Thermal Rollers.
  • 4 x Silver Bullet Super Pod XLarge 48mm Thermal Rollers.
  • 12 x Silver Bullet Super Pod Thermal Hair Clips.

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