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One of the most influential designers in the world, Marc Jacobs has changed the face of fashion with a natural instinct for what women want to wear.

Loved by everyone, everywhere because everything he does reflects himself. He breathes new life and electric energy into all of his creations, translating them into a design vision that is both artistic and relatable in fashion and fragrance.
His fragrances reflect his reputation for luxury, quality and effortless chic. He constantly surprises us with visionary designs and innovative concepts, creating items that become expressions of high style.

Much like his iconic fashions, the fragrances have become classics in their own right.

Launched in 2007, Daisy Marc Jacobs’ “sunshine in a bottle” revolutionised the industry with iconic classic bottle and surprising whimsical flower cap.

Marc Jacobs continues to introduce innovative packaging driven fragrances such as Daisy Eau So Fresh and Daisy Dream.

Applying a fragrance is about more than just adding scent to your skin. A fragrance should envelop you in a pleasing bouquet that makes you feel as beautiful as you smell to those around you. Using a fragrance should be a pampering experience, and the scent that you choose should treat you to true luxury every time that you spray or splash it on. If you want more than just a simple scent from your fragrance, Marc Jacobs has the perfect product to suit your tastes and give you something truly special with each application.

Marc Jacobs is one of the world's most celebrated fashion designers, and his name has truly become synonymous with luxury and modern style. Under his directorship, the French design house Louis Vuitton went from a name beloved mostly by connoisseurs of couture leather goods to one of the hottest brands of men's and women's fashions and accessories in the world. His uncanny ability to sense what makes people feel and look their best and his eye for trends make every design created by Jacobs a quick success.

After making a huge mark upon the world of fashion, Marc Jacobs set his sights upon revolutionizing the fragrance industry. When creating his signature scents, Jacobs takes a similar approach to that of his fashion designs. As a result, every fragrance that bears his name is truly exceptional and something that treats the wearer to luxury. The eau de toilette and eau de parfum products in the Marc Jacobs collection appeal to women of all ages and offer long-lasting bouquets that delight the senses. Each time Jacobs introduces a new product offering to the collection, it becomes an instant classic.

In the Marc Jacobs fragrance collection, you'll find fragrances to suit every taste. Whether you prefer a light and lovely floral scent or something sassy and sweet, there is a scent bearing the Marc Jacobs name that is certain to delight you. Not only are the fragrances in the collection truly one of a kind, but their packaging is also unlike any other. Each bottle is custom crafted to keep the fragrances potent for as long as possible while treating the eye to gorgeous details for designs that rival works of art.

Perfect for gift giving, Marc Jacobs fragrances are known around the world and are available in different strengths and bottle sizes. Discover all the ways that you can pamper yourself with luxurious scent by exploring the collection today.

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