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All around the world, luxury spas are using what's found in ocean waters in treatments to pamper their clients and enhance complexions. These treatments contain mineral-rich seawater, algae and other bounty from the sea and are used to address everything from signs of ageing to skin sensitivity to chronic acne breakouts. Called thalassotherapy, seawater-based spa treatments can provide remarkable benefits for your complexion, but you don't have to seek out a spa that provides these services to reap them. Thalgo brings the best ingredients used in thalassotherapy to your daily skincare regimen, allowing you to visit a spa every day without ever setting foot outside your door.

In 1964, Thalgo was established in the southeast of France to offer algae-based products for alternative medical use. But within a few years of the company's founding, the scientists behind the brand came to realise that the algae and seawater they were studying was highly effective at promoting skin health. By the 1970s, Thalgo had shifted its focus and become a skincare brand; however, the company never lost its commitment to producing products that are based on scientific research and of true therapeutic grade. Today, Thalgo products are used for thalassotherapy spa treatments in more than 90 countries and are trusted by millions of people who rely on the formulas to meet their daily skincare needs.

Thalgo has made it incredibly simple to create a daily regimen that will treat your complexion to the benefits of thalassotherapy. The brand has divided its collection of products into distinct lines, each of which is geared toward a specific skincare goal. To make it easy to distinguish the lines from one another, the product packaging is colour-coded. Once you have determined which lines are ideal for your skin's unique needs, you can quickly locate all of the products that are available to use in your daily regimen.

At Thalgo, great care is taken to ensure that all of the products that bear the brand's name are as safe for the skin as possible. Thalgo skincare products are completely free of common irritants, including paraben preservatives, mineral oil, silicone, artificial colourings and propylene glycol. The naturally derived, gentle formulations can be used on all types of complexions, and each one is produced from the finest ingredients that the sea has to offer to ensure optimal results.

Discover the benefits of thalassotherapy for yourself and use the best of what the sea has to offer to improve the health and appearance of your complexion. Shop this assortment of Thalgo skincare products now.

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