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Our Australian wild lands are home to some of the most unique and beautiful plants in the world. Research has found that these herbs and botanicals possess many therapeutic benefits that can promote a healthier body as well as a more attractive appearance. The Pelactiv skin care collection is focused on helping Australian women do the latter through the use of the nourishing extracts found in our native plants.

A completely Australian owned and operated company, Pelactiv was founded by a team of skin care therapists who were inspired to create a line of products that used natural extracts in place of chemicals. It was their goal to provide effective beauty options for Australian women who had sensitive complexions or opted for a more natural way of living.

To create the natural Pelactiv collection, the team enlisted the help of biochemists who studied the properties of native plants and developed the best possible methods of extracting their nutrients to preserve their potency. The result is a line of solutions for the skin that perfectly blends cutting edge science with the best of what nature has to offer for the health and appearance of the complexion.

When creating the Pelactiv collection, the experts at the brand were determined to offer solutions for every complexion. As a result, Pelactiv features products for each type of skin. Whether your complexion is prone to dryness, suffering from excessive oil production or hypersensitive, you'll find a complete set of formulas in the range that will help you improve the texture and tone of your skin. Sun protection products are also included in the collection to help limit the harmful effects of exposure to ultraviolet energy.

One of the signature lines in the Pelactiv range is Pelactiv Vita C+. These products contain the extracts of Australian botanicals that are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant shown to brighten the complexion and minimize signs of ageing. The formulas are ideal for those concerned about evidence of photo-damage, including fine lines, deeper wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. The Vita C+ line contains a complete regimen of products that make daily skin care easy for women of all ages.

Essential oils are another important part of the Pelactiv collection. These pure extracts from Australian native plants have many uses for modern women. When applied to the skin, they can help address skin care concerns using the purest of natural ingredients. The essential oils can alternately be applied to the pulse points as an alternative to perfume. By adding a few drops of the essential oils to bathwater, you can transform your tub into a relaxing retreat in which you can soak your cares away.

Whatever the needs of your skin, the Pelactiv skin care collection offers cleansers, toners, day and night-time moisturisers, facial and eye treatments, body care products and masks to suit them. See for yourself how the extracts and essences of our native plants of our wild lands can enhance your natural beauty. Start shopping this unique line of 100 per cent natural formulas to find the ideal solution for the unique needs of your complexion.

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