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Traditionally, skin care companies have taken one of two approaches to formulating products. Some use pure, botanical ingredients to promote healthier skin, while others use scientifically developed complexes to deliver results. The scientists and skin care experts at MD Formulations believe that products don't have to be exclusively natural or scientific. By combining bioactive botanicals and advanced cosmedical ingredients, their skin care products provide maximum benefits for all types of complexions. MD Formulations has long been a brand associated with innovation. In 1983, the scientific team became the first company to receive worldwide patents on glycolic acid products and in 1997 released the world's first glycolic acid treatments safe for sensitive complexions. Today, glycolic acid remains a key ingredient in many of the products in the collection. The glycolic compound developed by the brand delivers the same results as harsh AHA treatments but is specially formulated to be gentler on the skin to decrease the likelihood of redness and inflammation.

After optimising glycolic acid to make it safer for sensitive complexions, the experts at MD Formulations set their sights on improving the safety of another common cosmedical ingredient, retinol. Called Vit-A-Plus, the brand's retinol complex is more fully absorbed by the skin tissue. As a result, it does not irritate the outer layers of skin and is better able to promote cellular turnover to address dermatological concerns like acne and signs of ageing.

The MD Formulations skincare collection is a complete system of products broken into three categories: Cleanse and Protect, Hydrate and Protect. This simple tree-step approach to skin care makes developing a daily regimen as easy as possible. You can simply choose the right formulas from each category for the needs of your skin and use them together on a daily basis to obtain results.

The Cleanse and Protect products in the MD Formulations collection remove both dead skin cells and traces of dirt and oil with every use. These formulas contain ingredients like the brand's proprietary glycolic complex, salicylic acid, lactic acid and retinol as well as botanical skin soothers and protectors like allantoin and chamomile. To promote a more even complexion and reduce skin discoloration, some of the formulas are enriched with liquorice and mulberry extracts.

The Hydrate range from MD Formulations combines super moisturisers that deeply nourish the skin with antioxidants that neutralise environmental free radicals to protect the skin from signs of ageing. The hydrators are primarily scientifically advanced ingredients, such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid, polysilicone and cholesterol. Derived from both natural extracts and bioengineering, the antioxidants include vitamin E, superoxide dismutase, green tea and vitamin C.

The aim of the Protect range from MD Formulations is to reduce the damage caused by the sun, to reduce damage associated with the ageing process and to decrease the likelihood of the development of certain skin cancers. The brand has optimised natural sunscreens like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, enhancing their effectiveness. The scientists at MD Formulations were the first to create a clear zinc oxide sunscreen that fully protects the skin from UVA and UVB without leaving behind white residue.

The MD Formulations skin care collection brings you the best of nature's healing extracts with the latest advances in cosmedic science. The result is a line of formulas that can help you address your biggest skin care concerns without unwanted side effects and irritation. Shop the MD Formulations collection and create your own daily regimen that uses nature and science to achieve beautiful results.

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