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The fine hair brushes made by Mason Pearson continue the classic style that has been their hallmark for over 125 years. Their design, high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship still make Mason Pearson hair brushes, combs and shaving brushes the best choice today. Brushing keeps hair smooth, free of tangles and styled, but it also leaves hair looking smooth and glossy; brushing distributes the natural oils – called sebum, created by the sebaceous glands at the base of the hair follicle – along the strands to keep hair moisturised and pliable. The bristles of the bush also help stimulate the scalp, helping to exfoliate the old, dead skin cells and providing a massage for the scalp to increase the blood circulation in the skin.

Not all brushes are made the same and do their job the best way, however. Rigid, sharp bristles mounted on a hard, unyielding base can scratch the scalp and cause damage to the follicles. Mason Pearson, a Yorkshire engineer and inventor, saw the problem with poorly designed and badly made brushes when he started to work in a London brush-making firm in the mid-1860s. He quickly set about to improve brush design, inventing a machine to bore the holes for bristles in the hairbrush base, so they were evenly distributed and securely mounted. By 1885, he had invented a new type of brush, using a flexible rubber pad mounted on the base, allowing the bristle tufts to gently yield during use and avoid scratching the scalp or causing discomfort. He established a new company, with two partners, that continues today under the name Mason Pearson, which continues to manufacture brushes in his classic style to this day. Even with improvements and new styles, the basic quality of materials and careful manufacturing methods still serve people for their hair care.

A range of models of Mason Pearson hair brushes are available, in a variety of sizes and different types of tufts, including the traditional natural boar bristles and a special nylon developed by Mason Pearson specifically for brushes. For fine to normal hair, and for thinning hair, pure boar bristle tufts provide a smooth, gentle brush. A mix of boar bristle and nylon tufts offers a firmer brush for normal to thick hair, while all-nylon tufts are useful for thick and curly hair and to detangle longer hair. There is even a style for children, made with boar bristle for sensitive scalps, available with ivory/white, pink and blue handles. The classic military style, with a grooved edge for a better grip, is available in medium and large sizes. Each style and size is hand-assembled, using the techniques developed by Mason Pearson, with carefully finished edges for a smooth, comfortable grip.

Hand-made combs, produced from special cellulose plastic, are designed with smooth, rounded teeth to provide a gentle hair care instrument. Available in five styles – dressing, styling, detangling, tall and pocket – each is carefully polished and finished. For men who enjoy the tradition of soap lathering when shaving, Mason Pearson also makes a Pure Badger Shave Brush. Using the finest materials and construction, the brush retains just the right amount of moisture to allow a thick, creamy soap mixture to be whipped up from a shaving mug and applied to the face. Highly prized by men throughout the world, it is considered a classic for traditional shaving.

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