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Elemis are a professional cosmeceutical company that have established themselves as Britain’s #1 luxury skincare brand. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies and key actives derived from nature, Elemis have formulated a wide range of skincare solutions that cater to the full spectrum of skin types and needs. 

Elemis cite a number of key philosophies as part of their overall ethos, the first being results. Taking a results-first approach to skincare has encouraged this brand to seek out some of the most high-quality, effective active ingredients in the world. The team of scientists, chemists, dermatologists and other professionals that back the Elemis brand have conducted extensive research to ensure each formulation in this hit range truly delivers amazing results. They also take unique skincare concerns into consideration to create tailored formulas that suit anyone and everyone. 

Elemis are also passionate about sourcing their ingredients from nature. With a long list of derivatives that includes plant extracts, natural oils, amino acids, antioxidants and more, Elemis products don’t skimp on providing you with the best of the best. The combination of their key actives with light, luxurious fragrances will ensure your experience is unbeatable.

Elemis also know that despite decades of success in the industry, there’s always room for growth--perhaps this is why the brand has remained so beloved and current since its inception in 1990. The brand always strives to discover more, create more and innovate more, which is exhibited through unique product lines like no other.

Elemis boasts key product ranges that each provide a different benefit, from anti-ageing to hydrating, acne-clearing and more. One of the bestsellers from Elemis is the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, which relies on marine collagen to reinstill the complexion with new life and elasticity. 90% of women who used this product said that their skin felt visibly firmer, whereas 83% acknowledged that it dramatically reduced the appearance of any deep-set lines. In just 14 days, this product can transform mature and dehydrated skin for good through harnessing the wonders of biological actives.

Of course, this isn’t the only raved-about product in the Elemis range. Boost skin recovery with unique beauty supplement capsules, or soothe aching muscles with Super Soak following a hard workout at the gym. We can’t forget the other products in the Pro Collagen range that celebrities and beauty pros are loving on, either--Natalie Dormer has been said to adore the Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm, whereas Cara Delevingne enjoys the Hydra-Gel Eye Masks.

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Elemis is developed for professional treatments and the discerning clientele who receives them. The company then gathers feedback from skin care professionals and independent industry organisations before offering the product to the retail market. So you can be assured that the formulas deliver exceptional results. Elemis brings together potent natural ingredients and pioneering technology when creating each and every product.

To give your face a visible lift, try the award-winning Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. The anti-ageing formula contains the marine algae padina pavonica to promote cell renewal, and gingko biloba liposomes to safeguard skin against free radicals. Within two weeks you'll see visible results, most noticeably a reduction in the depth of wrinkles and an increase in hydration levels.

If your eye area is lined and sagging, the Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal can help. The algae-based product infuses your skin with antioxidants to smooth and restructure your skin. Use twice a day and within 28 days, you'll see a significant difference - crow's feet will be minimised, puffiness and dark circles will be reduced, and the skin will look firmer.

Perhaps you want a more youthful-looking décolletage. The revolutionary Elemis Pro-Collagen Lifting Treatment for Neck and Bust utilises algae and botanicals to transform your skin from crepey to smooth, and from dry to touchably soft.

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