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Tonik are an innovative Australian brand making waves in the beauty community with their all-natural range of supplements. With a strong belief in inner health and ‘beauty’, the team behind Tonik dreamed up the brand to make key natural ingredients accessible to everyone. Instead of disgustedly downing a glass of apple cider vinegar or oil-pulling with coconut oil, simply pop a Tonik supplement once or twice daily to unlock a huge range of benefits. 

Despite how much focus we put on our outwards appearances, a lot of this is actually tied to internal processes. Gut health, digestion, liver function and more can contribute to a whole array of negative external side effects, including poor skin and weight management. As a result, taking a beauty supplement on a regular basis is ideal for improving both your internal health and external features. 

Tonik feature two key products within their range, and this is all they need to have made a lasting impression in the world of beauty supplements. The first ingredient they have tapped into is Apple Cider Vinegar. Often a pain to down, (considering it tastes awful) the supplement format makes it far easier to integrate into your routine. Apple Cider Vinegar is natural extract with so many benefits, you won’t be able to count them on one hand. From suppressing your appetite to aiding weight management, purifying the skin and more, Apple Cider Vinegar is one miracle ingredient you won’t want to miss out on. Take 1-2 of Tonik’s Apple Cider Vinegar supplements of an evening to reap the rewards. 

The other ingredient Tonik have chosen to focus on is Coconut Oil. Revered in the health food industry, it’s your key to unlocking gorgeous skin and maintaining a healthy weight. In addition to this, taking 1-2 of the Tonik Coconut Oil capsules daily will balance out hormones, prevent against gum disease, ward off joint inflammation and help you build muscle tone. The wonders of this natural oil are no mystery, but tapping into them has been a tedious process until now. After just a few weeks of dedicated use, you’re sure to see a myriad of benefits. 

It’s clear that Tonik have done their research--both products have been expertly formulated to optimise the key ingredient, and don’t include any fillers or useless additives. They’re pure and simple goodness, and work into your routine with ease. If you want to glow from the inside out, the absolute picture of health, try adding one of these daily supplements into your regimen and you’re bound to experience the difference. 

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