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Dermalogica Moisturisers

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Moisturisers are vital to every skin care regimen, regardless of skin condition. They help to protect the skin's natural defences against the environment while controlling moisture loss from the skin. This becomes even more important as we age, when the Stratum Coeneum's natural moisturising factor becomes less effective at regulating the ski's water balance.
Dermalogica moisturisers work to replenish any water lost from the skin; keeping it fresh, supple and smooth. The Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream is a mid-weight moisturiser that can be used daily to rehydrate a normal to dry skin type. It’s a best seller at SkincareStore.

For a more mature or drier skin, use the Dermalogica AGE Smart Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF30 daily to encourage firmness and protect skin against harmful UVA and UVB damage which is the leading cause of wrinkles and brown spots.

Dermalogica have a variety of moisturisers and other skincare products to suit most skin concerns. Haven’t found what you were looking for? Shop Dermalogica Now.

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