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When you believe in rock and roll, Great Britain and fashion, it’s all about the colour. With a line of exciting, rich-pigment nail lacquers, butter LONDON shows how things look from the catwalk, with style, glamour and personality. It’s about being pretty and sexy, it’s about colour and it’s about being natural – without any of those smelly (and dangerous) chemicals that come in so many nail polishes. With 3 Free nail lacquers, you can get fabulous nails without the solvents called tolulene, formaldehyde or DBP used elsewhere – but still get the dense pigment that provides the rich, fashion-sense colors that you look for in a premier nail lacquer.

Nails are the first and most important fashion accessory, so make their colour count. When the designers at Fashion Week are working on the vital details that will make their creations pop, they look for the richest colours, the best finish and the highest quality nail lacquers they can find. That’s where butter London got its start, founded in 2005 when British entrepreneur Sasha Muir partnered with creative fashion manicurist Nonie Creme to work with all the greats – Altuzarra, Erdeen, Preen, Nicole Miller, Rachael Roy and many others – to develop custom nail colours that would add to the excitement of their creations on the catwalk.

Its exciting work, but it wasn’t enough – they wanted to make the butter LONDON lacquers available for everyone. Same great colours, fantastic quality and affordable prices. Brush up on your British slang, because these great colours are named after what makes life exciting in the world of rock and roll London: from Snog to The Full Monty, these lacquers will make you laugh while they make your nails look fabulous.

Best of all, the butter LONDON nail lacquers are completely free of the solvents found in regular nail polish that can make you sick. Did you know that if you breathe enough tolulene, it can make you temporarily deaf and colour-blind? What is that doing in nail polish? And DBP – that’s dibutyl phthalate, if you’re a chemist – has been banned in the European Union, so why keep it in nail colouring elsewhere? That’s why this line is called 3-Free: no tolulene, formaldehyde or DBP. Period.

In addition to giving your nails great colour, butter LONDON can also help them look smoother and help them be stronger. Their Horse Power Nail Fertilizer harnesses the power of the horsetail herb (Equisetum arvense) to give your nails extra strength. The extract of this ancient plant contains high levels of natural silica, which can help give your nails that extra edge to prevent splitting and breaking. Just add every day for seven days, then remove and begin again. Add their silk finish flawless base coat and high-gloss top coat to keep your manicure lasting longer; both are just as free of the toxic chemicals as their famed 3-Free lacquers.

With two dozen fabulous colours, butter LONDON gives you the choices you need to make your nails your favorite fashion accessories. Stay strong, stay natural, stay rock and roll. Nails rule.

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