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Proving that skin care can be fun and sassy while delivering visible results, the Bliss range gives you the confidence to tackle problem areas head on. Founded in 1996, Bliss spas have rapidly become a contemporary favourite. Bliss spas allow their patrons to graze from their brownie buffet while listening to rhythm and blues music. This same exuberant and straightforward attitude continues into their in-home range of beauty essentials.

The Bliss range brings humour into your daily beauty routine. With products including Bliss Fat Girl Scrub, which tackles lumpy, dimpled skin, and Bliss Thinny Thin Chin, which tackles crepey skin and protects the neck from the effects of aging, the range does not pull its punches. However, Bliss will not just make you smile. Each of its products delivers visible results that will improve the texture and appearance of your skin and hair.

Bliss is committed to producing effective therapies for the face, body and hair that contain clinically-proven natural ingredients. With simple-to-use formulations, you can achieve outstanding results in your own home. The range includes everything you need, from a quick and easy daily skin care routine to luxurious pampering therapies that should be lingered over and enjoyed at your leisure.

Whether you want to slow the signs of ageing, repair sun damage, reduce redness or fine lines and wrinkles, Bliss offers highly effective solutions that deliver targeted active ingredients. You can build your own tailored skin and hair care routine that focuses on the areas that cause you the most concern.

If you are struggling to combat acne, Bliss’s No Zit Sherlock range helps to clarify the skin and control breakouts. Salicylic acid helps to release the hold that old, dead skin cells have on your complexion. Probiotics, including yoghurt and meadowsweet extract, support the skin’s defences and help to ward off bacteria. In an independent study, 95% of the participants using the No Zit Sherlock system gained clearer skin in 31 days.

For those people who want to hold back the hands of time, the Bliss The Youth As We Know It range contains potent active ingredients that protect the skin while delivering intense hydration. With regular use, skin tone becomes more even and texture is refined. The complexion is brightened and clarified.

When you know that you look your best, your inner confidence becomes visible to those around you. By building Bliss into your beauty routine, you can give your self-confidence a daily boost.

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