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The name amika is derived from Latin and means “girlfriend” or “friend” in a number of the Romance languages. Infusing the latest technology with a creative edge, amika tools and hair care are born to perform and live to impress and truly live up to their name as hair’s best friend.

amika is an independently owned boutique company that encourages a dynamic culture where creativity can flow freely.

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When you're shopping for new products to add to your haircare routine, you want to make absolutely certain that whatever you purchase is going to bring you real results. You don't want to invest in something that won't make a difference in the health of your hair or make it easier for you to create your favourite hairstyles. But how can you be certain that you can trust any product to work as intended? The uncertainty can make it difficult to know which products to choose, but Amika is here to help. This luxury haircare brand is committed to creating formulas that keep their promises.

The moment you view the colourful packaging of Amika haircare products, you can tell that you're seeing products unlike any other on the market today. The experts at Amika believe that haircare shouldn't feel like a chore. It should be something that is luxurious and fun. Amika makes products that you'll look forward to using because they are beautiful to the eye, wonderfully scented and easy to use. On top of all that, the haircare products offered by the brand really work and can help you make big improvements in the health and manageability of your tresses.

Amika is named after the Latin word for a female friend and reflects the brand's commitment to making haircare formulas that are truly friendly to the tresses. Just as you can trust your best friends to keep their promises and always be at your side, you can be certain that Amika haircare products will go above and beyond to help you achieve your beauty goals. The formulas offered by Amika take an innovative approach to solving haircare challenges and feature unique ingredient complexes that you just can't get from other products.

With Amika haircare products, you can put together a complete regimen of formulas that will soon become your hair's best friend. For daily care, Amika offers shampoos and conditioners that cleanse and hydrate the tresses while addressing common concerns like dryness, oiliness and frequent breakage. If you have persistent haircare problems that are standing in the way of your tresses looking their best, you can add Amika treatments to your beauty routine. The brand also makes styling aids that can help you add texture, fight frizz and more easily shape and style your locks. Whatever you require to create your favourite styles, Amika has a formula that is a perfect match for your needs.

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