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Bath & Shower Oils

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Body oils add a nourishing and relaxing touch to any bath or shower routine. Featuring delightfully scented fragrances as well as soothing properties, bath and shower oils are a healthy and enjoyable addition to your daily cleansing. You can find a number of these products available at Skincare Store, allowing you to personalise your daily routine for truly luxurious pampering.

You already use soap or body wash to cleanse your skin from head to toe. Now, you can use washes infused with rich, luxurious body oils to enhance your cleansing experience. These refreshing washes come in a variety of fragrances, so you're sure to find one that suits your unique tastes. For example, if you enjoy a light floral scent, consider a honeysuckle and lavender body wash. Other delightful fragrances include lotus flower and chestnut as well as water lily and guarana. These distinctive fragrances are truly unique, allowing you to soak in an invigorating scent every time you open the bottle.

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