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Different types of hair require different types of care. Dry hair needs extra conditioning to replace moisture and prevent frizz, while greasy hair benefits from having excess sebum removed to prevent it from appearing lank and lifeless. An effective hair care regime can help all types of tresses appear healthy and lustrous.

The starting point of any hair care regime is a shampoo that suits your hair type. You should also take into account how often you will wash your hair. If you prefer to cleanse your hair every day, you may benefit from using a milder shampoo. This will ensure that you do not strip away vital natural oils that protect and nourish your tresses.

After washing, all hair types will benefit from conditioning to lock in moisture. You can choose from rinse-off and leave-in varieties, depending on your preferred routine and hair type.

If you want to style your hair using a blow dryer or heated styling tools, such as tongs or straighteners, you may wish to apply a heat protecting serum. This will shield the hair shafts from damage and help hair retain essential moisture, which can be driven out by heated styling appliances.

Colouring and perming your hair can draw moisture out of the hair shaft. Without care and attention, coloured and chemically-treated hair can become fragile and brittle. There are shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments on the market that will nurture coloured and chemically-treated hair. These products have the added advantage of prolonging your colour, meaning you can wait longer between colouring treatments. This can protect your hair from damage while reducing your costs.

To achieve the style that you desire, you may wish to add mousse or gel to help control your locks. If you have fine hair and wish to add body, you could use a volumising spray as part of your hair care routine. Simply spray the product at the roots of your hair and blow dry to add volume.

A dry, flaky scalp can cause white flakes to appear in your hair, known as dandruff. If you find that your shoulders are speckled with small white flecks, you may benefit from using a specially formulated dandruff shampoo that will treat your scalp and reduce flakiness.

If you lack time or your hair needs a boost between washes, you could use a dry shampoo. Simply spray the powder at your roots and brush out to revive and refresh dull locks.