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What causes the skin to age? American biochemist Joe Lewis has devoted his life to discovering the answer to that question. Through his extensive research in the field of pharmaceutical science, Lewis found that harmful particles in the environment called free radicals were primarily responsible for most signs of ageing. He revealed that these particles lead to the formation of skin imperfections by damaging the skin cells and weakening the tissue over time.

Once Lewis understood the cause of ageing, he turned his attention toward addressing its effects. With careful study and years of testing, he formulated a line of skin care products that can dramatically improve the look of ageing skin and minimise the effects of the ageing process, making fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. For the name of his skin care collection, Lewis and his business partner chose the name "Priori," which in Latin means "from cause to effect." The name perfectly sums up the ultimate goal of the Priori collection: to make the effects of ageing less visible by limiting the damage that causes them.

Since 2004, Priori has offered highly effective, safe anti-ageing solutions for women. The brand is now used in more than 20 countries worldwide with more and more women discovering the benefits of the Priori approach to anti-ageing skin care each year.

Lewis is responsible for introducing the world to the dermatological benefits of alpha hydroxy acids, plant extracts that resurface the complexion. The Priori Advanced AHA Cosmeceuticals make it easy for women to enjoy the benefits of alpha hydroxy acids. A complete system of cleansers, toners, treatments and moisturizers, the skin care line is highly effective at softening fine lines, lightening areas of hyperpigmentation and even helping to clear acne-prone complexions.

The Priori skin care collection was the first to introduce the word to idebenone, a potent antioxidant that delivers 1000 times the anti-ageing power of the super nutrient coenzyme Q10. When applied to the skin, idebenone helps to protect the skin cells, particularly the mitochondria organelles that power cellular activities, from damage by free radicals. When used regularly, the Idebenone Complex Superceuticals from Priori are clinically shown to reduce the appearance of signs of ageing, leaving the complexion more youthful and radiant.

One of the newest innovations in the Priori skin care range is the CoffeeBerry Natureceuticals collection. These products are 100 per cent natural and contain the antioxidant-rich fruit of the coffee plant. The anti-ageing skin care range is ideal for women who are concerned about lines and wrinkles but who prefer to use products of natural origin or who have sensitive complexions.

If you are seeing evidence of the effects of ageing on your complexion, it's time that you began to address the cause of the symptoms. By using formulas from the Priori skin care collection, you can limit the effects of free radicals, simultaneously improving the look and feel of your skin while protecting your skin cells from future damage. Start exploring the Priori skin care range now to create your ideal anti-ageing regimen. - See more at: More Info

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