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“I’ve always wanted to create my own self tanning range because I love to have a beautiful bronze glow to my skin all year round and like to avoid sun baking.

I really believe self tans are the best tanning option and have struggled to find a complete range in the past that offered the variety of products you need for the best results.

For this reason my focus with Jbronze was to offer a complete range for all types of self tanning. Jbronze has a self tan for the face, and different products for the body - including a spray, mousses and cream – because I wanted the range to deliver the perfect tan every time, and be great for the skin. Jbronze includes luxe natural ingredients, like macadamia oil, shea butter and argan oil – the top ingredients to keep skin hydrated. That’s one of the reasons why the colour from Jbronze self tanners really lasts - It’s all about hydration.

An all-over body shimmer completes the Jbronze range – perfect for when you want your skin look a little more glam for a night out or for when you need to be photo ready. Launching Jbronze was a dream come true for me, everything I needed in a self tan, I really hope you are loving it as much as I do!”

There's no denying that tanned skin can bring out the beauty of your skin and help you look radiant from head to toe. Unfortunately, the effects of regular sun-bathing can end up being anything but beautiful. Exposing your skin to the sun to maintain a golden glow greatly raises your risk of developing signs of ageing and increases the danger of developing skin cancer in the future. Still, the dangers of sun-bathing don't mean that you have to bid farewell to golden skin forever. Jbronze products can give you plenty of sun-kissed colour while allowing you to stay safely away from harmful UV rays.

Jbronze was founded by Jennifer Hawkins who knows firsthand how hard it can be to maintain a suntanned glow without jeopardising the health of the skin. Over the course of her modelling career, she struggled to find self tanning products that could leave her skin looking naturally tanned, so that she could avoid exposing her skin to harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun. After years of frustration and being disappointed with the products available on the market, she teamed up with top formulators to create Jbronze, a brand of sunless tanning products that give gorgeous golden results without the hassles and shortcomings associated with conventional self tanners.

When creating Jbronze sunless tanners, Hawkins was determined to make her brand's formulas as luxurious as possible. That's why all of the formulas offered by the brand are made from luxe ingredients that feel pleasing against the skin, not greasy or sticky. All of the Jbronze formulas include natural moisturisers like argan oil, shea butter and macadamia oil, so that they deeply hydrate the skin while leaving behind their bronzing ingredients. The added moisturising benefits of Jbronze products not only leave the skin feeling softer and smoother, but they also help to extend the life of the sunless colour they produce.

Choosing Jbronze products for your self tanning regimen allows you to avoid UV exposure and still enjoy colour that will have everyone wondering when you went on holiday to the beach. Jbronze offers sunless tanning formulas in a number of tones, so you can choose to add a light touch of tan, medium golden pigments or deep, dark brown colour. In addition, the brand produces self tanners for the entire body in different formulas, including sprays, mousses, creams and lotions. The wide range of options ensures that there is a Jbronze product that will be incredibly easy for you to apply for the absolute best sunless tanning results possible.

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