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What makes Zinc so special?

Zinc Oxide is a NATURAL, PHYSICAL sun-screening agent that sits on your skin reflecting dangerous UVA and UVB rays. Chemical sunscreens on the other hand, merely diffuse rays, usually just UVB. Most chemical sunscreens offer little or no protection against UVA rays.

Don't all SPF30+ sunscreens offer the same protection?

No. SPF is only a measure of protection against UVB, not UVA.

Why is it so important to protect against UVA rays?

Apart from being responsible for up to 70% of ageing, UVA exposure is now known to be a major cause of skin cancer.

If Zinc is so good why aren't all sunscreens like INVISIBLE ZINC?

Most sunscreen manufacturers must meet certain price points and tend to use cheap sun-screening chemicals (octyl methoxycinnamate e.t.c.) as their active ingredients. Even the most reputable and trusted sunscreen manufacturers use these chemicals. Invisible Zinc is not cheap, but we've made it affordable for everyday use.

What's the active ingredient in your sunscreen?

Invisible Zinc uses a world-patented form of Zinc Oxide that has been milled down so it is no longer visible to the naked eye. Check the active ingredient on your sunscreen, is it a cheap chemical or is it 100% Zinc Oxide?

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