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Exfoliation is a proven method of addressing a wide variety of skincare concerns from hyperpigmentation to acne blemishes to scarring to fine lines and wrinkles. By lifting away dead skin from the outer layer of the complexion, exfoliation promotes smoother, more radiant skin, more even in colour.

While there are many methods of exfoliation, the use of alpha hydroxy acids remains the option most frequently recommended by dermatologists. Alpha hydroxy acids dissolve the bonds between old and new skin cells, allowing dead tissue to be gently lifted away. Because of their unique actions, alpha hyrdoxy acids, particularly one potent form called glycolic acid, are used for chemical peels in dermatologists' offices and are added to many at-home skincare products.

Additional Gly Derm Information

The Gly Derm skincare collection is a line of glycolic acid products unlike any other on the market. This unique line of skincare formulas is offered by dermatologists at more than 200,000 practices around the world because of its superior formulations. Each product in the collection provides a dose of glycolic acid in a form that is optimised for maximum effectiveness with minimal risk for irritation.

From the start, the Gly Derm brand has been formulated on the basis of cutting edge dermatological research. The formulas were created by Dr. Marvin E. Klein, a board-certified dermatologist. Dr. Klein was frustrated at the lack of options available for his patients to receive the benefits of glycolic acid at home. He felt that the products that were available were either ineffective due to improper formulation or were not optimally balanced, making them dangerous for the skin. To offer a better alternative for patients, he conducted extensive research into glycolic acid and developed the Gly Derm line, giving dermatologists all over the world an effective, safe at-home exfoliation skincare range to offer patients.

Because of the balanced approach to formulating Gly Derm products, the formulas in the collection are gentle on the skin yet still able to produce noticeable results. In clinical trials, 90 per cent of women who used Gly Derm reported significant improvements in the appearance of their complexions. With more than 1.5 million Gly Derm products sold, there has not been a single report of scarring or inflammatory hyperpigmentation occurring as a result of the products.

If your complexion could benefit from the renewal and rejuvenation possible with glycolic acid, you won't find a better way to benefit from this powerful alpha hydroxy acid than Gly Derm products. Shop the collection now to create your daily glycolic acid regimen.

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