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Sometimes the best ideas are right in front of us just waiting to be discovered. And back in the 90’s, that was exactly how Fudge creative director John Vial came up with the brand. He was out walking one day and stepped on a piece of gum. The texture and idea struck him, inspiring him to create a new type of hair product. One that was strong, yet, flexible. The original Fudge hair shaper crème was the first product ever, and where Fudge based its starting point.

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Fudge is a premium, high quality, funky range of hair products. The Fudge product range incorporates every type of product you need to care for or style your hair including Fudge conditioners, Fudge shampoos, Fudge styling products and Fudge hair treatments.

Fudge Shampoo has a gentle daily use formula and is renowned for being extremely easy on your hair. Fudge Dry Shampoo is a leading waterless shampoo to cleanse and refresh your hair between washes. Fudge colour lock shampoo and Fudge colour lock conditioner work together to prolong the life, vibrancy and intensity of your hair colour. Fudge styling products allow you to create dynamic styles of your choosing. The ever popular Fudge Fat Head will make your hair explode with shine, texture and hold upon application. Fudge Hair Putty is a medium hold moulding clay and gives your hair extra body and kick when it is blow dried into your hair. Fudge Matt Head is a super dry paste which works with your hair to give you a matte textured style.


“If everybody looked the same,” the song goes. “We’d get tired of looking at each other.” That’s something that they heartily believe at Fudge. They are loving the surge of non-conformity and individualism that’s sweeping the fashion world at the "mo". Eccentricity and a blatant disregard for trends are now the norm – and amen to that. As their creative director, John Vial says: “Be true to yourself, decide what you like and then run with it. Creating your own personality and character is empowering and Fudge are truly celebrating the individual!”

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