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Caring for your skin should begin with a regular beauty routine that includes a quality assortment of specialised formulas designed to protect, moisturise, and rejuvenate the skin’s natural vitality. After all, gorgeous, healthy skin isn’t going to happen on its own. You need to eat right, stay hydrated, and properly cleanse your skin on a daily basis in order to encourage its soft, supple nature. The ageing process also brings into play the need to incorporate anti-ageing formulas into a beauty regimen in order to fight off the loss of elasticity that occurs with each passing year. The full collection of Elizabeth Arden has been created using a holistic approach that encompasses the need to pamper, protect, hydrate, and fuel the entire body in order to encourage healthy skin as well as a healthy lifestyle. It all began in 1910 when Elizabeth Arden opened her initial spa and began her skin care and cosmetics lines.

The Elizabeth Arden collection boasts a number of high performing formulas intended to bring out the best of a woman’s facial features using quality ingredients and innovative choices to create an exceptional line of beauty products. Each of the formulas is specifically blended to minimise the signs of ageing that everyone begins to experience at some point. This line of products is arranged into several groupings, including Prevage®, Ceramide, Visible Difference, and Eight Hour® Collection

The brand is born from an understanding that the entire body needs to enjoy fresh moisturisation if it is also to appreciate skin that is soft, pliable, smooth, and healthy. The line of Eight Hour solutions delivers an assortment of creams and treatments that instill fresh hydration while restoring the skin’s supple condition for the body, face, lips, and hands. It protects against harmful UV rays from the sun as well as antioxidants, helping to protect the skin from ageing earlier than it should.

Designed to counteract the ageing effect of the sun and other environmental elements, Prevage formulas are available for the day or night. They address the needs of the skin by neutralising the free radicals that wreak havoc on the skin of the face and body. With regular use of these beauty care solutions, it is possible to reduce the visible appearance of crow’s feet and other facial expression lines due to each formula’s inclusion of idebenone.

Older skin is drier, partly because it no longer has the ability to produce ceramides, special lipids that capture necessary moisture for the skin. They are found in the outer layers of youthful skin, but become depleted as people age. With Arden’s Ceramide Collection, the skin can reclaim its right to skin-softening moisture in order to circumvent the effects of early ageing. Keeping the skin bright and healthy looking is at the basis of the Visible Difference collection. Each luxurious formula is designed to become part of a full skincare regimen aimed at keeping the skin youthful and radiant.

Infusing new stores of hydration is a common theme among all of the Elizabeth Arden products. It’s not difficult to understand why, given the fact that moisturisation is a critical component of any good skincare routine. From lip-conditioning products that extend the life of lipstick applications to night formulas that lift and firm tired-looking skin to rich emollients that soften to every type of skincare product in between, Elizabeth Arden delivers beauty formulas that encourage healthy skin that glows with beauty.

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