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From its very inception, the Dermalogica skincare collection has been one strongly tied to the latest in skincare research and education. The brand began with the work of aesthetician Jane Wurwand, who moved from her home in England to the United States during the 1980s. As she began to work with other skincare therapists in the States, she realised that there were very few opportunities for professionals in the beauty industry in America to further their education and learn about the latest advances in skincare science.
Determined to improve the quality of skincare services in the U.S. by educating one aesthetician at a time, Wurwand founded a training school in California. After successfully training many skincare therapists, she decided to develop an exclusive skincare collection for use at the academy. When she saw what a difference her Dermalogica skincare products made in the health of women’s’ skin, she began to market her formulas, first in the U.S. and then abroad.

Today, Dermalogica skincare products are used by more than 100,000 professional aestheticians in more than 80 countries worldwide. The skincare range is the line used for treatments at some of the top spas here in Australia and abroad, and now, the products in the line are available for purchase directly from us, so that you can treat your complexion to a luxury facial everyday at home.

The perfect facial starts with cleansing, and the Dermalogica skincare collection has a cleanser for every complexion. The cleansers in the range use the latest in skincare science to loosen dirt, oil and impurities. Designed to be maximally effective without compromising the safety of the complexion, the formulas make a big difference in the health of the skin.

Among the many varieties of cleansers included in the Dermalogica skincare range, MediBac is one of the most popular and effective. This formula comes from a line of products designed to lessen the frequency of acne blemishes by loosening blockages from the pores and eliminating the bacteria that contribute to breakouts. Perfectly balanced to remove excess oils without allowing the skin to become over dry, this cleanser improves the appearance of the complexion without causing irritation the way that some harsh acne treatments can.

The ChromaWhite line from Dermalogica offers a set of solutions for a different skincare problem that has traditionally been treated with harsh ingredients. The cleansers and other formulas in the range are designed to make skin discoloration due to the effects of ultraviolet damage or ageing less prominent. To deliver results, the cleanser contains a blend of natural extracts that limit melanin production and brighten the complexion, including mulberry extract and vitamin C.

Other popular cleansers in the Dermalogica skincare collection include the AGE Smart range for minimizing signs of ageing and the Ultracalming selection of formulas for sensitive complexions. Once you’ve found the ideal cleanser for your skin’s needs, building a healthy skincare regimen is easy with the Dermalogica range. By adding treatment products and moisturisers offered by Dermalogica, you can easily create a safe, healthy routine and reveal a more beautiful complexion.

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