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Beautiful hair requires more than just a stylish hairdo and vibrant colour. To truly look its best, your hair must be in good health. Some hair care collections focus simply on improving the appearance of the hair, functioning more like cosmetics. The Davroe hair care collection differs from others on the market because the products it provides improve hair health, promoting beauty from the inside of each strand outward. By focusing on hair fitness rather than simply appearance, Davroe can help you achieve true hair wellness, giving you tresses that are more manageable, less prone to breakage and incredibly shiny.

The story of Davroe begins in 1930 when a chemist named John Sloane founded the Dresslier Company. From the start, Sloane was interested in making products unlike any others on the market. The products he produced in his small factory in Adelaide included men’s hair care, shaving and skin care products that utilised the latest advancements in science at the time.

During the 1980s, the experts at Dresslier saw there was a lack of hair care solutions for women formulated to promote hair wellness. Many products available in Australia at the time not only were mere cosmetic solutions, but they also frequently contained irritants that actually compromised the health of the scalp and weakened the strands.

The Davroe hair care collection was formulated to provide an alternative to the harsh chemically based formulas made by other brands. Today, the brand remains committed to providing 100 per cent natural formulas that fully address the needs of the hair and scalp.

The formulas in the Davroe collection contain nourishing natural actives, including Australian hibiscus flower extract, Australian native violet extract, Australian lilly pilly extract, watercress extract and Australian-grown blueberry extract. The nutrients derived from these natural plants provide the hair with complete nourishment to truly meet the needs of every strand.

Every product in the collection also features Davroe's UV protection complex of grape seed and olive leaf extracts. The antioxidants found in these extracts neutralise the harmful particles in ultraviolet energy that can fade hair colour and leave the strands parched and brittle.

At the SkincareStore, you'll find all of the popular lines in the Davroe collection, including the Volume Senses range for fine tresses, the Blonde Senses range for light-coloured hair and the Colour Senses range for colour-treated tresses. With Davroe products, you can improve the appearance of your hair while restoring it to good health. Find the right formulas for your hair's needs today!

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