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At the end of the day, does it seem that your eye makeup is everywhere except on your eyes? If you're tired of mascara that runs, eyeliner that smears and shadow that vanishes mere hours after application, the blinc cosmetics collection has the solution for you.

In 1999, a team of makeup experts in the United States came together to solve a simple problem--how to formulate eye cosmetics to make them less prone to fading, clumping, smearing and otherwise detracting from a woman's appearance instead of enhancing it. Together, the team developed the first blinc product, blinc mascara, and when it reached the market, both makeup artists and everyday women began singing its praises.

The team at blinc then turned their attention to developing other hassle-free cosmetics solutions to simplify makeup application and help women look their best. Today, blinc cosmetics are sold in more than 30 countries, and the company continues to revolutionise the cosmetics industry by creating new formulas.

blinc mascara is the product that started it all. The researchers at blinc realised that the flaws with other mascara formulations resided in their pigments. Ordinary mascara simply deposits thin layers of pigments along the lashes that can easily be wiped away or diluted by tears and rain. To solve this problem, blinc mascara forms tiny tubes around each individual lash. The tubes won't rub off or lose their colour until you cleanse your face, so you can be absolutely certain that you'll never end up with dark rings around your eyes again.

The rest of the formulas in the blinc mascara collection are every bit as remarkable as the mascara. The eye shadows glide on easily without forming creases, and their vibrant pigments remain visible until you remove your makeup. blinc eyeliner is water-resistant and easy to apply, and the brow products created by the brand add colour and control without making the eyebrows appear stiff or greasy. The collection even includes skin care treatment products that allow you to recreate professional skin care services, such as microdermabrasion, right in the comfort of your own home.

SkincareStore has a full range of blinc cosmetics, including eye shadows, mascara and eyeliner in an array of flattering and stylish colours. We make it easy to find long-lasting eye makeup that you can count on to remain right where you put it until the day has ended. Shop the blinc cosmetics collection now!

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