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Exposure to the sun and dry indoor air can leave your skin thirsty. Replenishing moisture that evaporates from the complexion throughout the day helps to promote soft, smooth skin that feels and looks its best. Alpha-H moisturisers are made to meet the skin's moisture needs while providing your complexion with therapeutic ingredients that keep you looking youthful and radiant.

Alpha-H was founded more than 25 years ago and is owned and operated in Queensland, by a woman who had struggled with severe cystic acne her entire life. Michelle Doherty had grown frustrated with the skin care products that were available to help her address her condition. Formulas were overpriced, and companies made promises their products simply couldn't live up to. Today, Michelle is dedicated to providing products that work as intended without causing irritation or exposing the skin to potentially irritating ingredients.

Unlike other moisturisers, Alpha-H formulas are made with specific skin care problems in mind. Each formula offers effective hydrators that are selected specifically to moisturise a specific skin type in the best possible way. Whether it's an intensive product with extra hydration for thirsty, dry skin or a lightweight, non-comedogenic formula for oily complexions, every moisturiser provides the optimal amount of nourishing moisture to support healthy tissue without unwanted side effects.

While providing balanced hydration, Alpha-H moisturisers deliver beneficial ingredients to help you tackle your biggest beauty woes. Every product in the collection does double duty, acting as a treatment and a moisturiser in one. In the moisturisers, you'll find ingredients like glycolic acid to gently exfoliate the skin, antioxidants to protect the complexion from oxidative damage and an array of other complexes and extracts that can benefit specific skin types.

When you choose an Alpha-H moisturiser to complete your skin care regimen, you can be confident that you're getting a product that works the way you expect. All of the formulas are rigorously tested and the result of years of research. With solutions for all skin types, Alpha-H moisturisers can help you hydrate your complexion while offering additional benefits.

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