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Why make compromises when it comes to having beautiful skin?

You shouldn't have to suffer from irritation to diminish signs of ageing or deal with symptoms of skin dehydration for the sake of addressing acne. All too often, though, ordinary skincare products require you to make these types of choices. While they effectively manage one dermatological condition, they trigger sensitivity, dryness and other side effects that compromise the beauty and health of your complexion. 

Fortunately, there is a better way to successfully minimise imperfections. A'kin skincare products deliver results without requiring you to compromise.

The A'kin skincare collection was inspired by the word "akin" which means to be essentially similar or very compatible. The word reflects the philosophy behind every formulation labelled with the A'kin brand name.

A'kin products are specially balanced to make them as close to the natural substances present in your skin as possible. Formulas are also pH balanced to match the natural acidity of the complexion.

As a result, A'kin skincare formulas are much less likely to trigger sensitivity reactions and other side effects that are common with other beauty products. In addition, A'kin formulas are better able to be absorbed and utilised by the skin tissue to make the products as effective as possible.

For more than 15 years, A'kin has offered alternatives to conventional skincare products and the side effects that they can cause. The Australian-based skincare company is committed to using natural ingredients that are vegan and never tested on animals. Every formula in the A'kin collection is free of parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, silicone, propylene glycol, DEA, mineral oil, phthalates and artificial fragrances. In place of those chemical ingredients, A'kin uses the finest extracts from botanical plants, handpicking the raw materials to ensure that only the absolute best natural oils, butters and extracts find their way into A'kin products.

With the A'kin skincare collection, you can put together a regimen that will work with your complexion, not against it. The collection includes the essentials needed for a daily regimen like cleansers and moisturisers as well as serums and eye products that address dermatological concerns powerfully, yet safely. You can also find a selection of body care products for cleansing and hydrating the skin from head to toe in the A'kin range.

See what a difference a synergistic approach to skincare can make for the health of your skin. Choose the products that are more akin to natural skin. Shop the A'kin collection now.

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