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Choosing high quality cosmetics like the ones here at the SkincareStore gives you the chance to get professional results when you apply your makeup, but to truly make the most of your favourite colour and face cosmetic formulas, you need the right tools to apply them. The quality of your cosmetic tools is every bit as important as that of your cosmetics if you want to maximise the benefits of your makeup and have a flawless complexion.

Brushes are among the most essential cosmetic tools, as they help to ensure that makeup glides on evenly and determine how much control you have as you apply your favourite products. The shape of the bristle heads of brushes determines what type of tasks they are best suited for, making it important that you have a complete set of brushes on hand to complete every step of your makeup application.
Face brushes are used to apply cosmetics to the entire complexion as well as for contouring. Foundation brushes have long heads with slightly curved ends that help to smooth makeup all over the face. Fluffier varieties are used for traditional powder and loose mineral foundation formulas, while brushes with thicker, synthetic bristles are best for liquid and cream-based foundation products. To dust blush over the cheekbones, look for a blush brush, which has a short, full head of bristles. Finishing and setting powders and coloured powder formulas can be applied with a long-handled powder brush or a short, full-headed kabuki brush. A kabuki brush is also handy for blending mineral-based cosmetics throughout application.

When applying eye and lip cosmetics, smaller brushes are needed to improve control and help you get the best possible results. Shadow brushes have long heads with slightly rounded tips that make it easy to cover the entire lid with colour. To contour the creases and apply colour under the eyes, use an angle or contour eye brush, which has a slanted, straight edge. When made with synthetic bristles, this brush type is also ideal for liquid and gel eyeliner formulas.

No matter what type of makeup brush is missing from your collection, you can find the perfect cosmetic tool to finish off your set at the SkincareStore. We carry professional quality brushes from the biggest brands made here in Australia and abroad. Start exploring our cosmetic tools collection and stock up on the brushes that will help you make the most of your makeup.

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